Ferg asked you to send in the last text your mother sent and needless to say they are gas!

Irish Mams and texts are a marriage made in our collective heaven. Ferg put the shout out to his listeners asking to fire on the last text they received from their Mammys and well...hilarity predictably ensued!


The last text I got from my Mum was a picture of butlers cafe in Dundrum with the caption 'normal'

Cabin fever after the snow storm was getting to her. Best mum ever. Jenny. 


'During the bad weather I text mam, to stay off the road. She text me back and said " I'm a COWBOY, and COWBOYS DON'T CARE "  David Cuddy Laois


' Last text from mom. - "Have kirtle buns if hungry after swimming in my room."


'Hey Fergal last message I got from my ma was Friday saying what the f**k are you doing out in that are you mad. Keith


From mum today: "Apparently an Australian couple are claiming to have found the worlds oldest message in a bottle from 1886. That means as of yesterday we could have had the record as I’m pretty sure ours is 1896!!"

Turned out we were world record holders for 35 and didn't even know it!


This is what I got from my Mam . Worried with storm Emma ‘I hear the  school is closed are you working from home today’. She always worrying about us. My Mam is rose Brennan . Niamh Tobin here in Waterford


"That Lunitic you sent over last Saturday night came in Drank loads and fell upside down at the end of her shift. Can she be here for 9:30 this week?" Last text I got from Ray in Ballyheigue


Last txt from my mom this not too bad normally I need enigma machine to translate!

"Its lovy now tel shar to b carful with the dril she could hit a letrick cable what dos ok mean"


Hi fergal..my mum is 78 and not great at spelling..her last text was..my phone went wanky..shouls have said wonky..i couldn't stop laughing..sent it to my sisters and my brother..needless to say we all had a great laugh..phil in cork.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


...and the winner is!

Here’s a message my Mam sent me the other day! She’s gonna kill me!

 "Hi Cath sorry about that the dog got my new bra! I'm in the car with Aidan and Andy we're  bringing him home. Long story!!!  Anyway it's 34b sports pack of two one orange one grey non wired.  Cost 40euro.  Can't  take a pic as I'm  wearing it. Could be awkward! ! Xxmam"