Because why would you not throw a birthday party for your dog?

We were talking about pampering your pet on the show today after a new survey revealed that pet owners spend thousands on their fur babies every year...especially on elaborate parties! 

You guys got in touch with the different way you spoil your pets, including Suz who threw a birthday party for her dog Kenny's 9th birthday, complete with cake!

We got this message in from Alan: "Hi ferg, how could I not spoil my beautiful Bella.she does everything with me"

Here are some of the other messages we got in:

Derek: "My girlfriend is so obsessed with her dog 'Bella' that I got her a doggy photoshoot for Christmas...there are now more pictures of her and Bella around the house than me and her"

Image result for dog photo shoot gif

Mandy: "My friend has a Dachshund called Charlie, she has an Instragram account for him and I swear to god spends more time putting up pictures of him than working!"