After months of waiting, I finally got to see Ladybird at the weekend and while I enjoyed it, I don’t understand the hype surrounding it. It’s bland enough! Saoirse Ronan was brilliant but it didn't really go anywhere... and the stereotypes were painful; the chubby loyal best friend, the mean pretty girl etc.

I won't say any more for those who haven't seen it but over-rated is how I'd describe it and I get no joy from saying that because I was SO EXCITED to see it! Maybe I built it up too much. Anyway - we got on the subject of things that are over-rated this morning and here they are:


  • “3D films.”


  • “Reality performance TV shows like X Factor and the voice and that godawful Dancing With The Stars”


  • “Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is SOOO overrated Paula. So scripted and wooden and full of canned laughter” - noooo! LOVE that!


  • “Diamonds Paula. Expensive and overrated. (Thinking of popping the question and f*** me, the price of those things!)” 


  • “Hollywood. Far from being the glitzy and glamorous area it is thought to be in the popular imagination, the Boulevard and its Walk of Fame is dirty, rundown, overrun with annoying vendors. Also reeks of urine.”


  • “Morning Paula, I'm not sure how popular this movie was but Burn After Reading had to be the most over rated I've ever seen. It was recommended by my sister in law who I rang half way through viewing to ask was she taking the piss with me, horrible movie.” - Mick in Laois


  • “Netflix and chill” – you’re doing it wrong


  • “I didn’t rate ladybird either!! It was grand, but don’t see the fuss!! Especially Oscar hype!”


  • “Hi Paula.  Went to see Ladybird yesterday.  I agree. Over rated.  All awards nods not justified. Far better out there. I thought the same about Brooklyn when saoirse was nominated then too. No great stretch for her incredible acting ability.” - Helen


  • “Drinking, spend a LOAD of money to forget about the world for one night, and then feeling awful the whole day after.”


  • “Clubbing. Music's too loud to talk to anyone, drinks are overpriced, people are sweaty, ugly, drunk and rude!”


  • “Adele. You couldn’t pay me to go to one of her shows.”


  • “Seeing the mona lisa. It's famous and nice, but not THAT nice. Also, small.”


  • “Lost in translation with Bill Murray is WAY overrated. First film I ever fell asleep in the middle of, with my then GF. I'd norm struggle thru any film in case I missed a good bit... but that was WAY TOO BORING!”


  • “Hi Paula. I also thought Ladybird was rubbish but then again I thought 3 billboards didn't deserve those awards either. The Post was a really good movie though with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep”


  • “Paula I think the following are overrated, Saoirse Ronan, Colin Farrell, Mrs Browns Boys, The Young Offenders, Ed Sheeran and as mentioned before Adele. It's like if you think they are overrated there is something wrong with you and you feel under pressure to praise them. Maybe I'm showing my age!” - Brendan in Cork


  • "Bob Dylan in concert."


  • “A Cuban cigar. It was ok.”


  • “Being an adult. It's a trap!”


  • “Beats headphones”


  • “Morning Paula, I found all Woody Allen films underwhelming.” - Paul in Maynooth


  • “Game of Thrones, everyone shut up about it!!”


  • “Harry Potter It's definitely not the great masterpiece of literature everyone makes it out to be. I'm sick of people saying it's the best thing ever. It isn’t.”


  • “Pizza Paula. It’s just a cheese sandwich” - get out of my show