If you don't find these in yours, you're not in Ireland...

There are certain things that you just KNOW you're going to find in an Irish household. 

Fergal was on a trip back home recently to head to a mate's engagement party...he knew that if Mammy D'Arcy was asked, wrapping paper would be found in the house. Sure enough, it was. It might not be the type you want, but leftover wrapping paper scraps are guaranteed to be found in an Irish household.

It turns out, there are a lot of items on the list:

- "Imperial Leather soup.....every single Irish household has that in the 'good' bathroom"

- "A plastic bag full of plastic bags"

- "Every Irish household has that bowl of CRAP"

- "The drawer full of electrical leads and noone knows what they're for"

-  "A slow cooker, have one for 14 years and used it once"

Image result for slow cooker gif

- "A box of old spare buttons belonging to garments long since passed on - I’m quite proud of the collection the “Irish Mammy” inside me has been collecting since a teenager!"

- "The really, really old biscuit tin with anything but biscuits in it!"

We are too predictable.