Cough cough

Hard luck if you’re waking up today not feeling the best. Firstly, you feel sick and secondly, nobody will believe you because it’s National Sickie Day.

Have you ever called in sick? Was it worth it, or did you spend the whole day creeping around your house feeling like a fraud and thinking you were going to get caught out? Mixed reaction on today’s show – some absolute chancers out there!


  • “I got arrested is the best one I ever used!”


  • “When I was young and foolish I tried to slip a Viagra into a pal but ended up accidentally taking it myself. I was a lifeguard and had to call in sick the next day coz... yeah, you know.” – good decision to call in sick. Also, highly illegal to spike your mates with substances, FYI.


  • “Was actually talking about it last night in the pub. Rang in sick and went to Bon Jovi at Landsdowne Road in the early 2000s. Couldn't get away with it these days with social media and getting tagged in pics etc etc!”


  • “Morning, Paula. It s my 40th today and I’m thinking I may be sick!” - Stan


  • “Paula, can’t remember the excuse I gave, but, a long time ago, when I was a lot younger, I called in sick from an early house, having been out all night. We decided to go out to Killiney and we had to lie down at the dart stations, just in case someone from work was going in to work on the opposite platform.” - Larry from Waterford


  • “Paula I woke up about a year ago not feeling well and called in sick. Later that day, I said I’d go out for a walk to try and clear my head and my boss passed me in her car. I felt so caught out but luckily she was really understanding!”


  • “Hi Paula, I worked in an office years ago and a mate of mine rang to put him down as sick, clearly hungover. We had a sick log book and I asked what will I put him in sick with? He replied, oh anything. So I put him down sick with a dilated sphincter. Lol!”


  • “I woke up in a good mood I don't want to waste it”


  • “I used to make excuses and one day I just started saying "I need to take a personal day." Nobody has ever inquired furthe”


  • “I called in once and said my granny had died. It wasn't a lie, I just didn't say when she had died!”


  • “Paula I called in sick 3 weeks ago because I had a job interview... my heart was in my mouth all day long, I am just not cut out for lies and deceit. The good news is that I got the job and I start next month!”


  • “Morning sweetpea, I'm only back today after being out sick the last few weeks. Don't think I could get away with ringing in today saying I need to bring my goldfish to the vet as he has a bad cough. Could I?!” - Jayo


  • “Paula, I had an employee call in before saying I just bought a puppy and he's suffering from separation anxiety every time I leave the house - this person actually followed up the next day with pictures of her puppy.”


  • “Paula - some years ago I took a sickie and said it was due to rectal issues. When asked about it, I said I'd a colossal pain in the ass. Personnel responded with Fine, we're sending you to a proctologist, so of course I changed it. Checkmark to HR that time, methinks.” Dave, Clondalkin.


  • “I worked with a bloke who on 1 Monday morning said he couldn't get down the stairs as his mother was getting them replaced!” - Terence