Ferg asked his listeners to pass on the little white lies we all tell ourselves to get away with a night of booze.

If us Irish are skilled at anything, it;s spinning a good yarn and there's no greater yarn spun then the one we spin ourselves into the grateful arms of our local hostelry.

If there was an Olympics for liquor lies...we'd be coming down with gold.

Take a look at the BS we tell ourselves... 


"Ah sure they'll get me back!" Jim, Wexford

"Sure I'll just have the wan. Cut to me 6 hours later crying into a snackbox at 4am :)" Janice, Tullamore

"Sure I can't go before it's my round in fairness...for every round" Seamus in Galway

"I'll be grand in the morning, sure I'll have a pint of water before I go to bed. IT NEVER F***IN WORKS :( " Pat in Offaly

"I'll stuff this tenner in me bra so I've the price of a taxi later. Then I will take it out in Supermacs and stuff me face :) "  Sally The Gap in Wicklow

"This kebab is basically a salad with all this green stuff " Jimmy in Dundalk

"I won't drink white wine tonight" Sarah in Mayo

"Ok promise...no Coppers tonight :) " Jackie in Kildare

"I'll go to the gym twice tomorrow to make up for it" Paddy in Offaly