These actually happened

There is a rogue swan going around killing rivals in a pond in Wales and The Irish Sun had a field day covering this very serious story. They mocked up a swan behind bars “winged and dangerous”... but the piece de resistance was the headline – “Swannibal Lecter”. YES.


This brought us to a discussion about funny headlines in newspapers... like Australia's "Army Van Disappears" - they lost an army jeep after painting it in camouflage (this is true).

A newspaper in the West of Ireland really didn’t think this one through:


And neither did these guys, also in the West: 


This kid from Waterford is going places: 

This is really edge-of-your-seat stuff: 

And this was a really close call, back in 2003: 

And there was even a day back in 1930 that there was simply NO NEWS: 


Let's not forget the magazines that I stock up on before a flight...