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Because the delicious creamy taste of Dairygold spreads straight from the fridge, that gives you an extra minute for what matters. This year we’re asking you to use that extra minute to Micro-volunteer.

Micro-volunteering is exactly what it sounds like – a way for busy people to help others in the time it takes to wait for a bus, stand in a queue, or just enjoy some toast with Dairygold!

You can think of it as crowd-sourced volunteering. By dividing big tasks into tiny online ones, volunteers can have a greater impact to worthy causes with only a small donation of their time.

To get involved, all you need is a minute, an internet connection and a pinch of kindness.

Check out the amazing organisations we’ve partnered with below to do a little bit of good in a little bit of time.

Dairygold have partnered with some amazing organisations to bring you opportunities to do a little good in a little time.

Step 1:

Find a micro-volunteering opportunity that interests you on

Step 2:

Follow instructions on the organisation’s site on how to complete your simple task.

Step 3:

When you’re done, spread the micro-volunteering word online to help us get more micro-volunteers!


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Get involved with Dairygold – and make a minute for the good stuff. Visit and tune into Fergal D’Arcy on Today FM to find out more about these great causes.