Take a trip down memory lane!

Dale Winton sadly passed away yesterday, aged 62 and lots of people got in touch with the show saying how much they loved him back in the 90s. He was the face of a “sick day from school” – couch, blanket and Supermarket Sweep.

Supermarket Sweep wasn’t the only show that people remember from their sick days from school, however.

Take a trip down nostalgia lane with these memories:


  • James Bond Junior!
  • He Man
  • Live At 3!
  • Home and Away at lunchtime!
  • Remington Steele
  • Notts Landing
  • The Sullivans
  • Going For Gold
  • Chain Letters
  • A Country Practice
  • Emmerdale Farm
  • Skippy!
  • Ricky Lake
  • Oprah
  • Sally Jesse Raphael
  • Heart to Heart
  • Murder She Wrote
  • Saved By The Bell
  • Hang Time


And some lovely memories of when being a child meant being completely molly-coddled:


“Paula my favourite sick day in school was: once a year my mother would ring me in sick and take me to Dublin shopping for the day. I looked forward to it every year. It was December 8th! Tradition dying out now but I’ll always remember the excitement... and the sticky bun from Bewleys!”


“Hi Paula, many moons ago, if sick from school. It was Milk of Magnesia, and chicken soup and a big glass bottle of Lucozade!”


“Morning Sweetpea. I lived next to the primary school when growing up, so every Friday afternoon when my mam was gone to town on the bus my dad would send down a note for me to finish early! We got real posh and got a BBC aerial so I got to watch carry on films. To this day my mam still doesn't know!” - Jayo.


“Paula I was always treated to a new book whenever I was sick... always a Babysitters Club book. Had the whole collection!”


“Morning Sweet pea, best memory I have pulling a sickie from school was to be an extra for a couple of days in Mel Gibson's Bravehart when they filmed down in Trim Co. Meath in 94 - what an amazing couple of days it was! Although I did get permission from my parents to be sick, I'm pretty sure there were a lot of adults that had pulled sickies from work as well to be in the film!”


“Hey Paula, I remember when our neighbour's got the huge BBC Ariel and as we were in a semi detached house it wasn't long before we tapped into their feed and got all the channels too! The cartoons were great; The Littlest Hobo and Going for Gold to name but a few! My mom would have soup, 7up and a duvet and pillow, my siblings would come home from school and have to sit on the floor! So sick I wasn’t to even move!” - Jeff.


“Hi Paula - love listening to the show.   My granny used to give us a hot whiskey up until we took the pledge for our confirmation!”