Can YOU clap with one hand? Eh? Eh? HA?

Dee texted into the show today and said that if superpowers existed, hers would be getting children back to sleep at all hours...poor Dee, sounds like she had a rough night.


Then this text came in:


“Paula my superpower would be The power of seeing my ex girlfriend everywhere...FML!”


OOOH. Ouch.


My pointless superpower would be sense where nearby chocolate is located. It’s not great for the aul diet but I can sniff it out from miles away. As far as useless superpowers go, however, it's not the most useless, as you see:


  • “Morning Paula. My useless super power is the ability to piss the wife off every day!” - Norman


  • “Hi Paula, I seem to have the ability to make it rain, every time I take my rain gear off it starts raining. Every time, since November!” - Andrew


  • “My super-amazing ability to grow my fingernails really fast, beat that!”


  • “Paula my useless superpower is snoring, oh I am the best snorer in all the land, nobody can beat my snoring.”


  • “My useless superpower is the ability to read Heavy Metal album cover titles, no matter how spiky the logo.”


  • “Paula I always know the number between 1 and 10 you're thinking of. Always. Try me!”


  • “Paula my superpower is - perfect hair, even in the strongest of winds.”


  • “Mmmmmmmmmmm Spose it's my ability to smile at peope  despite their superpower of being 100% Shobgites! Morning Sweet P, it's Hump Of The Week up n at it everyone. Whoop Whoop”


  • “Can clap really loudly with one hand!”


  • “Paula I have the power to tune out my wife and child whenever I want, I don't use it very often because I'm afraid I'll over use it and I'll lose it but when I do it's unbelievable.”


  • “My useless super power would be able to tell where the driver in front of me is going as they never seem to use indicators.”


  • “Paula, my superpower is to be able to sing a song based on what someone just said to me. MY KIDS LOVE IT!! So much so that Stop and Shaddup You Face are two of the top five songs that I sing.” - Larry from Waterford.


  • “Paula my useless super power is similar to that of some reptiles, the ability to change color like a chameleon from milky white to glowing red but I'm not finished there,  I have the ability to shed my skin like a snake.” – Jeff – Jeff, you need SPF PRONTO! Mind your skin!


  • "Hi Paula.  I love the show, it’s Laura from Dundalk here. My super power is the ability to see into the future. For instance I can see that in 4 weeks time I can see that I’ll be starting my brand new job for a massive construction company as an architectural technician and I can see myself on site wearing my steel toe boots, my high-vis jacket and a MacSweeney beanie on my head. Sounds mad I know but my premonitions come true every time!”


  • “Morning Paula. My super power is that I can turn alcohol into regret.” - Greg in Ballinasloe


  • “I have the amazing ability to always pick the slow traffic, at the checkout, even in the toilets! Especially when I swop queues!” - Lorraine


  • “Can flawlessly juggle any number of apples, no matter how ludicrous or unlikely”


  • “Never miss the bin when I throw something in from afar”