Stop trying to make fetch happen!

Are you hip? Are you down with the kids? Tac-a-tac-a...


Well, on Early Breakfast, we are not. We don’t understand a lot of the lingo being bandied about these days, and so we spent the morning de-coding a very made-up, very bizarre – and at times, very annoying – language.


Fleek. On Fleek. – to be cool. Example: that jacket is ON FLEEK.


Preggo. Why the bleeeep would anyone say I'm Preggo! Paula? – coz it’s better than saying knocked up? I dunno.


Hubby... stop everyone!! It’s husband!!


Mot – Dublin slang for girlfriend. Example – Anto’s not coming out tonight, his mot won’t let him.


Everything – that jacket is EVERYTHING. No, it isn’t, it’s a flippin’ jacket.


Giving me life! Again, used to dramatise something you like. That coat is GIVING ME LIFE. Ugh, go away.


Extra. Like everything and giving me life, this an over-the-top exaggeration. That jacket is just so EXTRA.


Fierce. Particularly when referencing women. Down the country we say things like tis fierce cold out there. Like an adverb.


Slay. Meaning to “own it”. Slay the day! Yuck.


Own it – unless it’s a house or a car etc, you do not own it. Example: she really owned that speech about cats’ rights. Move along.


B.O.T. – Bang On Trend. To be said as three separate words and not as BOT. Example: that MacSweeney Beanie is B.O.T.


Broke the internet. Meaning viral sensation. You didn’t break anything, stop. Example: Kim Kardashian’s slimy turkey bum broke the internet a few years back. It didn’t. Lots of people saw it, full stop.


Viral sensation. No. Sounds like you need antibiotics for that.


Hun. Ew. Example: Ah I'm sure he'll text you back, hun. (You called him hun, he won't.)


Noddle. To describe someone who isn’t a model. A non-model.