Last night Drake celebrated his 32nd birthday and he did it in style. The party was 00s themed and had everything from flip phones to a 7Eleven. The best part though? His Blockbuster Movies wall, featuring all the best noughties films.

Credit where credit is due. 

We took a leaf out of Drake's book and wanted to celebrate all things 2000s by taking a look at the best soundtracks from the biggest noughties films:

This absolute TUNE from Muse that featured in Twilight.

This really needs to introduction, but we'll do it anyway. Smash Mouth and Shrek - a beautiful combination. 

The whole soundtrack to Juno was outstanding so it's hard to whittle it down to just one.

One of the greatest films of all time give a nod to us Irish. The Dropkick Murphys' I'm Shipping Up To Boston is still a banger.

Moulin Rouge surprised us all with it's brilliance back in 2001 and this medley is pure perfection.

While Mean Girls may be one of the most quoted movies of all time, Missy Elliott's Pass That Dutch has to be the stand out song.