Who do they think they are?

According to Teresa May, 95% of the Brexit deal is done. The past couple of weeks have been a turbulent time for the UK as they prepare to leave the European Union. Protests have been taking place up and down Britain, with people voicing their concerns over the controversial result of the 2016 referendum. 

However, it seems one protester has taken it too far. A photo from a recent protest has been doing the rounds and it has angered a large group of people - Spice Girls fans.

This poster, spotted at a march, compares Geri leaving the Spice Girls to Britain leaving the EU - pretty similar situations really. But Twitter users were outraged at the complete and utter disrespect shown for Geri Halliwell. Sure, on the surface, one might think Geri only really had one song, "It's Raining Men", but her loyal fanbase were quick to rush to her defence.


I mean we understand that she was an icon in her own right, but was the complete and utter outrage necessary? Let's all just calm down and listen to Geri do what she does best.