What do we want? Bansee Bones! When do we want them? NOW!

Since everyone else is running for the Aras, why wouldn't we have a crack at it? Below are the Presidential Bids of The Early Breakfast listeners. I'd vote for them... tasers and all!


  • “Morning Paula. My presidential bid would be a 3 day weekend to include Mondays. Myself and the hubby went for sneaky Sunday pints yesterday and even though we were home in bed by 10 there’s now serious FEAR! I’ve to deliver training all day in work too... Bring on a 3 day weekend please? Love the show!” Emma and Dave


  • “Paula my presidential bid would include the mandatory use of indicators... I mean right now they’re just optional... right?!”


  • “Hi Paula I would bring back Banshee Bones it's the only thing my missus craves and they can't be bought!” – Martin, Kildare


  • “Paula my presidential bid would be to ban all smart phones in restaurants. I looked around last night while out for dinner... what is the point in going out to meet friends and catch up? Everyone’s on their phones!”


  • “Paula I would like to put forward my bid for presidency. If I am elected, the people of Ireland will never have to sit through a Leaving Certificate ever again. It’s the world’s worst exam (my son just finished his and I am dreading the other one sitting it in 2 years!!) there is a much more practical way to test students, surely!”



Morning Sweet P. My Election Manifesto would be fourfold:

  1. ALL cyclists in Dublin WILL pay €3,000 EVERY year insurance n be Tasered when breaking traffic lights or cycling on FOOT paths


  1. Pedestrians walking like Gobsheens, faces stuck in their phones will again, be Tasered


  1. Incorrect use or no use of indicators would result in on the spot fines, including yes, Tasering


  1. See this getting up in the dark malarkey, outlawed, except for essential services, like delivery people, security, hospital staff etc, they would work 1 week on, 3 weeks off.


I await the response of the people. Shay.


  • “Paula. My bid would to have everybody arrested who partakes in BABYSHARK videos. Seriously head is just fried!”


  • “My presidential campaign would make us live like cats. Chilling out, climbing trees, annoying DOGS, getting our belly rubbed by strangers.” Mr Woo President Elect


  • “Now that tasering is part of the job. I’m in. People who stand in the entrance of a shop talking would get some volts and the majority of motorists who don’t know how to drive on the motorway. Get out of the right lane!” - JB Clonmel