The biggest swingers are in town!

They started out in the basement of pianist Scott Bradlee's gaff in Queens, NY and now they've become a sensation.

They have now racked up over 811 MILLION VIEWS on Youtube and they've toured the world.

If you don't really know what they do,they take modern songs and give them a  quality jazz twist!

Adam, Chloe, Brielle, Lemar, Charik and Martin popped in for a chat ahead of their gigs in Vicar Street, tonight and tomorrow night and Cork Opera House on Wednesday.

They also gave us a superb jazzy cover of 'Seven Nation Army' by The White Stripes.

This is great! Enjoy.

Also check out this cover of Radiohead's 'Creep'

Or this Jazztastic cover of Macklemore 'Thrift Shop'

They also love a tambourine!