Join the Savastanos for some seriously great TV

With The Beast From The East on the way to Ireland a snow day is imminent... maybe. The supermarkets have been ransacked – there isn’t a loaf of bread or a pint of milk to be found lest we starve to death in the impending apocalypse.

But more importantly, what will we watch on the telly? What better excuse to get the fire on, curl up under blankets and get lost in a box set on Netflix, Sky, Hulu, Apple TV...etc.

I can’t recommend Gomorrah more. It is brilliant. If you liked Sopranos (still my favourite box-set) you’ll love Gomorrah. It’s like Sopranos only set in Italy. And it’s subtitled, so you’ll put the phone away and have no excuse for getting distracted. Unless you speak fluent Italian of course. Don Pietro Savastano è ancora il capo di questa città...


Here are the top suggestions by listeners of The Early Breakfast:

  • Sherlock
  • West Wing. It is a bit old but holds up remarkably well.
  • The Wire.
  • Breaking Bad
  • Band of Brothers, and oldie but a goodie
  • Mad Men
  • The Pacific
  • Scrubs
  • The US Office
  • Parks and Recreation.
  • El Chapo
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Narcos
  • RuPauls Drag Race
  • Power
  • Derek