Some of these have blown our minds.

Today it was revealed that Tracy Chapman will be taking a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj for sampling her music without her permission.

Nicki's song 'Sorry' samples chords and lyrics from Chapman's 1997 song "Baby Can I Hold You".

You can listen to both tracks here:

With a limited number of chord progressions in existence, it's inevitable that music will be recycled or restyled into a new song and on today's show Muireann opened the eyes and ears of Today FM listeners by revealing which other popular songs were sampled.

In 1996, The Fugees sampled Enya's Boadicea. Initially, they didn't ask for her permission to use the track. She considered suing the group, but in the end decided against it.

In 1999 Eminem released his single My Name Is, which sampled Labi Siffre's I Got The. 

In 2011, a relatively unknown boy band called One Direction released their debut single What Makes You Beautiful. They went on to become one of the most successful boy bands of all time, but few people recognised the nod to the film Grease in the chart topper.

When DJ Khaled teamed up with Rihanna in 2017 it was a guaranteed recipe for success. Their song Wild Thoughts shot to No.1 in Ireland and was a huge hit world wide. However, few people know it actually sampled the 1999 song Maria Maria by Santana.

Even the Irish are doing it. Gavin James' Glow samples Coldplay's Charlie Brown from 2012.

And it wouldn't be a collection of artists who sample without giving a nod to good ole Jason Derulo. Most recently he sampled Andrea Bocelli's Time To Say Goodbye, but the man started as he meant to go on. In 2010, Derulo burst onto the music scene with his debut single Whatcha Say, which samples Imogen Heap's Hide And Seek from 2005.

Long live sampling, we say!