There is nothing wrong with you!

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where everyone is raving about something and you find yourself wondering if there's something wrong with you because you just don't get it? 

Like the time everyone told me to watch The Wire and I didn't care about The Wire but peer pressure got me in the end so I tried it and guess what? I hated The Wire. 

I'm not the only one:


  • “The thing for me is the GAA, this time of year it's GAA all over the place and I couldn't care less!” – Martin, Arklow


  • “Morning Paula. Honestly I can't figure out what's so special about Game of Thrones. I forced myself to watch an episode but stopped after about 20 minutes, awful television Paula, can't get my head around why so many rave on about it!” - Mick in Laois


  • “Paula it's Game of Thrones for me, yad swear the way people talk about it that it was as good as The Wire!”


  • “Rugby...Jesus it bores the shite out of me, big fat lads chasing an egg around a field! Give me hurling any day!” - Conor in Clare!


  • “Hozier Paula. I mean he’s good and all but jaysus the way people go on, you’d swear he was god or something!”


  • “Going out to clubs. First of all you have to wait queue for what can sometimes be like an hour. Then pay to go in a loud, dark, overly crowded and cramped room with annoying lights and buy overpriced watered down drinks. No thanks. I’ll take a night at home with friends or the local any day!”


  • Grey’s Anatomy. How the hell is that still on?!”


  • “Following the lives of celebrities. They’re just people, like who cares if they’re on holidays or their marriage is over Paula?” – Chris


  • “Morning Paula. I have no interest in the Kardashians!....famous and rich for no reason or talent!”


  • “It has to be women Paula. My friends go on about them non stop and I just don't see the fuss, joys of being gay haha!” - Dean


  • “Anything that has an "acquired taste." Nope. If it was rotten the first time, it's over!”


  • “Instagram Paula. Oh, the narcissism!”


  • “It's not exactly popularnowadays but it's definitely loved.
    I hate Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining!”


  • “I don't like tea or coffee.” - T in cork


  • “Nutella. I don't get the appeal of this stuff!”


  • “When people write happy birthday or something on their partner’s Facebook page… surely they can tell them in person or phone call?!”


  • “ I have never seen a twitter feed that wasn't stupid and a complete waste of time!”


  • “Facebook. If you went about in real life telling everyone out loud what you had eaten, watched on tv, etc and then told complete strangers you 'liked' them and were going to 'follow their every move, you would and should be arrested!” - Kevin in Waterford.


  • “The urge to be politically correct. I think it's fine to have your own options even if they are a bit controversial. As long as you're not seriously harming someone!”


  • “Am I the only person in Dublin who hasn't the remotest interest in GAA.  And particularly people wearing county jerseys as fashion items. There, I said it!” - Noel. Clontarf


  • “Coffee..... full, skinny half and so on. Never had a cup. Cannot stand the smell of it!” - Mick in Wicklow


  • “Weight loss... it's too hard to do. Takes too long, and nobody really enjoys it.. do they?!” - Ruarai... chubby but happy!!