Rewind rented tapes before returning them.

Ahh the 90s. A simpler time. When your biggest worry was making sure you didn't tape over your sibling's VHS. But it wasn't all easy. There were numerous tedious tasks we had to do, that simply don't exist anymore. 

Today on Early Breakfast the listener shared the 90s tasks they loathed doing:

Leaving on the PlayStation because you didn't have a memory card yet and praying that no one would turn it off while you're gone. Ray

Hi Pamela, we had to walk almost everywhere as our parents would not drive unless they had to go to town. That or thumb a lift into town, the dreaded fear of seeing a car and wondering will they stop?

Trying to decide which tapes to bring for your Walkman when going on the long journey to your granny's house! Beck

Hi Pamela. Can't believe nobody has mentioned call cards. Going to the shop to buy a 5 pound card to ring girlfriend from pay phone

Buying call cards. I used to store them in the freezer. It used to recharge units onto them. I also had to que on Thursday nights to used a call card phone as there was on 5 phones in the college at Tralee RTC now IT Tralee. Enda in Galway

Queuing at the bank before online banking . Andrew

Having to actually call to peoples houses when we were younger to come out and play no phones no Internet. It was a great time. Pa Thurles.

Taping programmes from TV and all that went with it! Getting a new tape and arranging those box shaped letters in to your name, remembering to tape or getting someone else to do it, running out of tape mid programme...for the sky plus generation, they will never feel that pain!! Chris

Pamela, going to the travel agents to book a holiday. Lorraine from Dundalk.

Having to go to a phone box to make a phone call and then having to wait outside if there was someone else using it. Joe Brophy from Thurles.

Pamela the most tedious 90's task was to have to rewind videos before returning them to extravision . Niall

Remembering to return those Xtravision movies on time! Cora

Waiting for my favorite song to come on the radio so I could record it on a tape. Steve

How to fit my music in my pocket when Walkmans turned into Discmans. I still have my folder with ally CDs in my car! Tara

Getting up to change the TV channel.

Having to blow on a game cartridge to get it working. Damien

Getting kicked off of the internet by a family member that wanted to use the phone! PAUL

Waiting 24 hours to see my photos - hoping that they would turn out ok! Steph

Let us never take for granted how easy we have it in this day and age.