It's the first day of October, so naturally everyone has gone into Christmas overdrive.

Smyths Toys have revealed their top picks for Christmas 2018 and to be honest, we haven't heard of any of them. From Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise (a unicorn that poos glitter) to Operation: Escape Room, it's safe to say toy makers are getting more and more inventive with their ideas.

But we wanted to cast our minds back to simpler times when the list of presents Santa could bring was considerably shorter. We asked for your favourite childhood toys and here they are:


Furbies were massive in the 90s, so big they even had their own language. 

Beanie Babies 

Ah the humble Beanie Baby. If you still have yours from back in the day make sure you dig it out - some of these bad boys can sell for thousands now.

Glo Worm

We're not really sure what these guys were supposed to do other than terrify us in the middle of the night.

Polly Pocket

Polly provided us with endless hours of fun - that was if you could manage to find her. She was TINY.


The main function of these guys was to prove to your parents that you were responsible enough to get a pet. If you could keep a Tamagotchi alive, you could keep a dog alive.