It's a tough choice to be fair.

As a nation, we're most certainly creatures of habit. We know what we like and we stick to it. There are plenty of foods us Irish adore and it seems there's a new king in town when it comes to our favourite. 

A recent study carried out by has revealed that Tayto crisps are the food item Irish expats miss the most when abroad.

Among the other foods we miss are Kerrygold butter, Dairymilk, Barry's Tea, Denny rashers and Guinness. Unsurprising results really.

We posed the question to Early Breakfast listeners far and wide and these were the results:

Jam. I didn’t even particularly like it when i lived here, but when I moved to Japan. I realised how good we have it here.  Every visitor had to bring some! Tara

Bacon everyone else seems to think it's crispy cardboard Daire Fermanagh

Morning Pam, I lived in Uk for the last 18 years! YR sauce, taytos and Brennan’s bread. The English don’t know how to make good bread. Oh and clonakilty sausages mmmm. JB

Pamela good morning I lived in China for over two years and I would have to say it was a toss up between Cadburys chocolate and tayto they were always the things that I brought with me every time I went back. Laineymoo xx

Friend of ours opened a sandwich bar in marbella doing exactly that..chicken fillet rolls etc  etc..lasted 5 months..NO custom AT all despite excellent location....go figure!!!! Brian

Hey Pamela, I completely agree with the chicken fillet roll ... I currently live in the U.K. and not a sign of one ( it’s actually really difficult to get a freshly made sandwich)I also miss Cadbury caramellos and golden crisp ... non existent unfortunately. Emily

Hi Pamela .Nothing beats a good rasher sandwich, fresh crusty bread with a little butter and layers of nicely done rashers. God I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Cheers Vince

Morning Pamela, so for me it's Bisto Gravy. Jeff in Finland

None of the fancy stuff. Pure butter. Kept in the press. Making a chicken fillet roll with real butter for lunch. Matt

Hi Pamela, when we moved to Brussels three and a half years ago we brought 26, yes 26, 160 bag boxes of Barry’s Tea with us. We’re coming home in January and we have one box left. Owen in Brussels.