With the news that Only Fools and Horses is to be made into a West End musical, we sure did jump up and down with unbridled joy! 

Because watching scenes like this LIVE will make for knee-slap laughs! 

So we couldn't help but wonder what other TV shows would be a hit on the stage..

Imagine a Friends musical... with a plot turning twist rendition of 'WE WE'RE ON A BREAK' sung by Ross Geller.

The sheer amount of props (and cast members) needed for a Game of Thrones musical would be epic.

With the stage successes of iKeano and Copper Face Jacks The Musical, we've no doubt that there's plenty of Irish shows that would be stage hits! 

Glenroe would make for a compelling stage production that would capture the scandal of Mickey and Fidelma's affair perfectly..

Could you imagine the opening scene of Francis Brennan's 'At Your Service'?! Sheets flying, flowers popping and probably lots of glitter!

Nidge would be a star on the musical stage.. Imagine his version of 'I was just updating my Bebo page!'

Let us know your suggestions! 

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