Applying fake tan has to top the list

In life, there are some tasks that you've been doing for years but just cannot manage to master. No matter how hard you try it just doesn't seem to click. Take me for example: I've been applying fake tan for close to 10 years. You would think in that time that I'd have picked up a trick or two. You thought wrong. My elbows will need sandpaper to bring them close to a normal shade and I've somehow managed to tan the soles of my feet. 

I needed some reassurance that I wasn't the only person who struggled to master some every day tasks and the Early Breakfast listeners were quick to come to my rescue:

Reversing into a car space. It’s just never going to happen! Martina in Louth

Starting a fire. I’ve been safe from my shame for the past few months but now that winter is approaching  Im panicking! Dec

Hi Pamela. That I just made me laugh. Its not good but I cannot stitch my clothes. If rip them, it drives me up the wall and  I ask my mam do it. feel your pain. DARREN Mayo

Hi Pamela I should be able tie my shoelaces at the age age of 27! Martin

Hi Pamela. I should be able to do my senior infants Irish homework with him but I struggle sometimes!!! Dave

Pam. Still can’t drive. Break out in a sweat at the mere thought if it.  Get so bad that make Christy Moore look like he could do an anti perspiration ad. Ger in Cork

Ive been wearing make up for close to 20 years and I am no closer to being able to do winged eyeliner than I was in 1998. ITS IMPOSSIBLE! Tina

Hi Pamela I'm 30 and still can't get myself a steady girlfriend so don't feel to bad about your tan. 

Hi Pam, I can cook pretty well and enjoy it but I'm damned if I can make an omelette, should be easy, Mike

Pamela, Im the same with my daughter’s homework. Shes in second year and her maths homework may as well be Japanese. Im useless! Paul