It varies!

Did you know that the Tooth Fairy doesn't always leave money for teeth left under pillows? Sometimes it's little presents instead!

Listener Eoin got in touch wondering what the going rate for the Tooth Fairy was these days - his son lost both front teeth and nobody knew what to expect from the Tooth Fairy.

It seems to vary, depending on the condition of the teeth, and what coins the Tooth Fairy has on him or her at the time but the general consensus below is 5 euro for the first tooth and 2euro for every tooth after that.

Also - the tooth fairy is often so busy, he or she might not have time the first night to deliver money for shiny teeth, but almost always remembers the second night so don't panic everyone!


  • “Paula in our house the tooth fairy leaves little notes in a treasure hunt!”


  • “€3.00 and a Lego man, in our house!”


  • “Morning Paula. 10e and the fairy always wrote a letter in mad hand writing!” - Terry from Firhouse


  • “€5 for first and €2 for the rest if we remembered, plenty of forgotten teeth #worsttoothfairyeve!” - Joe in Wicklow


  • “5 euro for the tooth fairy... not another dime…!” - Brian in Tipp on the way to work in the big smoke


  • “Good morning Paula.  The tooth fairy ONLY leaves coins and never notes.  In our house it's between €1 and €2 depending on what's available in coins at the time. Tell the tooth fairy to be careful not to set too high a standard because as you've said there's a lot of teeth and if there's more than 1 kid it can add up quickly!” - Mick in Wicklow


  • “The going rate for the tooth fairy in our house (not here in India) is between 2 and 5 Euros depending on circumstances. Cheers!” - Vince


  • “2 euro if the tooth is clean - 1 euro if there is any sign of plaque or any build up. It makes the kids brush their teeth better!”


  • “Paula the tooth fairy left chocolate coins in our house but we had to leave a note for him/her to change that as it was just promoting bad habits as kids have loads of teeth! Now it’s a euro a tooth and sometimes some fairy dust is left from the pillow to the window where she flies in!”


  • “Tooth fairy leaves money ONLY when teeth are brushed twice a day, and we are mindful of sugar in our house.”


  • “In Peppa Pig, she gets a shiny coin. Tooth fairy is same in our house!”


  • “Paula the tooth fairy leaves €2 except for this one tooth that hadn't been brushed for a few days even with lots of nagging. In the bottom of the glass of water was what looked like a 5cent coin that had been burnt. Those teeth are sparkling ever since!”


  • “Paula the tooth fairy often forgets to visit that 1st night - my boy lost his first tooth and was left €6 my older girl the same week lost a tooth also got €6.High rates of inflation here in Waterford as I’m sure it was €3 last year!”


  • “The tooth fairy in our house has given €5 for the 1st tooth and €2 for each of the other teeth.” - Daniel in Aran


  • “Good morning Paula. Tooth fairy visited the girls last week and due again soon. Its €5 for the first tooth and €2 for every tooth after.” - Eoin


  • “Morning Paula, the tooth fairy brings 2 euro in this house (if they remember!). 10 or 20 euro is ridiculous! Those kids will grow up appreciating nothing and expecting everything! Granny rant over!” - Gill in KK


  • “€2 for the first tooth and €1 a tooth after that !I think it enough. Jees tooth fairy would be broke otherwise lol!”


  • “Morning Paula, my daughter Isla has a fairy door and a fairy called Iredessa. They are pen pals. She normally gives €2 and often gives her advice, brush your teeth, keep your room clean etc.” - JB Clonmel


  • “Hi Paula I once got a ripped €5 from the tooth fairy and I will never get over it.” - Dougie


  • “Morning it’s 5 euro for 1st tooth and 2 euro after but it was 10 euro one night, tooth fairy must have had only 10 euro on them at the time!” - David Waterford


  • “Sometimes the Tooth fairy leaves fairy dust n glitter in our house, leaves a trail from window to bed, more excitement about fairy dust than money!”


  • “Hi Paula, what will the tooth fairy do in this contact less card world, where no one carries cash anymore? ITunes/Amazon vouchers, perhaps?” - Emma in Wicklow