Old lipstick, anyone?

There is a new(ish) feature on Facebook whereby you can go into their marketplace and buy other people’s old shite... I mean, items.

To be fair, there is some good stuff there – cars, electronics etc, and I’m sure some good deals can be found.

However – there are some mind-bogglingly bad things for sale too. Stained, manky old mattresses, massages (ahem) and I even saw someone trying to flog old lipstick. Second-hand lipstick – eeeewwww!

Online trading sites seem to be the new car-boot sales and the listeners of The Early Breakfast have also seen a dodgy sale or two...


  • “Paula I see free mattresses all the time on deal sites... stay away!”


  • “Paula some years back at a car boot sale I saw a fireplace grate which was missing a leg and couldn't stand up. They also had one shoe for sale and also three gloves sold as a package deal . They were really catering for all types with missing limbs, or extra limbs!” - Niall in Tipp


  • “I've seen 2nd hand soothers and baby bottle tops on mother buy and sell groups. Imagine purchasing any of them for your new arrival!”


  • “3 wheeled buggy for sale online recently. It was meant to be a 4-wheel buggy.”


  • “Underwear Paula. The seller says it was new and unworn. Would you chance it?”


  • “I saw a packet of plasters for sale online before. Just normal plasters... why?”


  • “Paula a friend of mine worked for eBay about 10 years ago doing spot checks on the ads removed by their filters. People were selling ice (for postal delivery), air guitars and even organs!”


  • “Best thing I ever saw was on Done Deal, a man was selling 20,000 cowboy hats with Garth Brooks  Ireland tour!”


  • “I never understand people selling things like a bundle of books for a fiver can you  not just hand them in somewhere?!” – Jayo


  • “A second-hand breast pump. I mean, really!”


  • “A number of years ago a friend of mine was selliing a car for 11000 on done deal. A persistent phone caller kept calling looking to buy the carbon fibre wing mirrors off the car. Each time he was told no, selling a car not mirrors off the car. But yet again another phone call about the mirrors and he relented, ok I’ll sell the mirrors for 11000 and throw in the car. That was the last call he got about the car. Loving the show!”


  • “Hey Paula, my friend once bought 25 mugs with well boy written on them, from somebody on adverts!”