Nutella and a soft boiled egg anyone?

We get it. There are a variety of palates out there and people like different things. Usually, we're in the each to their own boat. But some food combinations are just too much for us to handle.

Pamela got a text this morning that made her stomach flip. Pete in Dundalk has the same breakfast every morning: 3 slices of white bread covered in Nutella with 2 soft boiled eggs. And we can confirm he dips the bread in the egg.

However, it appears Pete is not the only one. The Early Breakfast listeners were on hand to defend Pete's choice and to offer up their own weird and wacky combinations:

Morning Pam, I love banana and salad cream sandwiches, also toast with strawberry jam and peanut butter on it with a slice of melted cheese on top. Mmmm JB 

Morning Pamela – I lived in Colombia for 6 years and as a result I now put salt and pepper on mango. Sounds bizarre but its so good! Claire

Hey Pamela, I find that I’m always under fire for the things and ways I eat. First, no matter what dish I’m eating , I always eat in the order , veg carbs and then meat, people think it’s so strange! I make my porridge with coffee, I eat salmon skins by themselves and I just love eating raw onions haha! Sad time, from Mary in Cork

I can never understand people who take the pickles out of their cheeseburgers? They’re the best bit! Paul

Hey pam. When I was younger I used to butter weatabix and eat them as  you would a cracker or biscuits.  Brian in wexford

Good morning Pamela, so my ex after a night out wanted nothing more than a Mc flurry and a large fries, dipping the fries into the ice cream. Me I'm more partial to a grilled tuna sandwich, with pickles, cheese and worcestershire sauce. Jeff

Morning Pamela. I usually get a strange look at the deli counters when I ask for a roll with egg cheese and beetroot. Baz

Morning:) has anyone tried, crisps apple cheese and mayo sambo? Soooooo good

Hi Pamela I like to put marmite peanut butter and salad cream on toast Lloyd in Ballyjamesduff.