Pretty much any film that has an animal in it.

As an emotional person, it was a very poor decision to apply fake tan before going to see A Star Is Born. In my defence, I had no idea just how emotional I was going to be.

The result of my uncontrollable sobbing was a beautiful streaky mess on my face. Thankfully, I was able to rectify the situation with a lot of scrubbing. That said, I'm not too eager to have a repeat of that situation. I asked the Early Breakfast listeners to let me know what films were the biggest tearjerkers for them, purely so I could avoid them. 

Marley and Me and My Girl. I cry like a little girl. Martin Kildare 

The crash scene and when they carry the bobsled in “Cool Runnings” gets me every time! John in on my way home after making healthy desserts all night.

If The Champ doesn’t make ye cry, you're made of stone lol I bawled me eyes out. Anthony in Wexford

The Colour Purple, will have you in floods , I was on a first date , back in 1986 , and made a holy show of myself, in the cinema, also, Fried Green tomatoes  is another great tear jerker!

A movie that always pulls at the heart strings is “Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium” Aaron

Good Morning Pamela.For me it is Cinema Paradiso at the end when Alfredo comes back and sees what has become of the town. One of the best films ever, in my opinion, by the way!vCheers Vince

I watched Wonder last night a great film but the tears were non stop from the start to the finish Jimmy the trucker 

It's got to be Marley and Me. Jayo

"Hachiko , a dog's tale. The Only film to bring a tear to my eye. Martin, Arklow

Independence Day always gets me... Christo in Kildare

Hi Pamela, one of my all time best movies with Liam Neeson very serious one is Schindler's List. Can't stop crying at it. Christine in Kildare

Hi Pamela. Film that always gets me is E.T. Even to this day.  Barry from Tyrone en route to Dublin

Pam The Greatest Game Ever Played. Golf film. And had me and me mate Alan crying our eyes out. James from Clondalkin

Morning Pam. 12 years a slave was a real tear jerker for my wife who sobbed uncontrollably, Mick in Laois

Hi Pamela, Tom Murphy My sister's keeper is brilliant it would make the toughest person cry uncontrollably.

Toy Story 3. I’m a 38 year old man. 

Hi Pamela the film that make me cry is Watership Down. Lloyd sweeper driver in Ballyjamesduff

Hey Pamela, Mystic River had me absolutely bawling. What an amazing movie. Orla in Donabate xxx

Morning weepie film moment has to be the film"  A Wonderful Life " shown every Christmas with James Stewart....the line " Every time a bell rings , an Angel gets its wings " gets me every time.....Bashful Sean in Tralee.