Extraordinary stories!

We all have that one thing we've lost and no matter how much we look for it, it doesn't turn up... for now. 

Weeks, months and even years later, things have been known to turn up in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Have a read below if you don't believe me!


  • “In the early 2000's when I had a Nokia 3310. Lost it for 6 weeks, found it frozen under a bush in the garden. I thawed it and worked like new!”

  • “Paula. Nevan and and michelle here. Nevans wedding ring slipped off in the Indian Ocean on honeymoon - traced steps where we stood for an hour and waited for tide to go out and Nevan found it in the sand from traced spot! Could not believe it! Love the show!”
  • “Paula I lost my wallet on a trip to London in 2001. Thought that was it, I mean London is huge and I had no idea where I even lost it. 2 weeks later, my wallet turns up in the post. Every penny in it, and a note from a lad called Dale who found it and wanted to return it. I never had any way of contacting him to say thank yo!” – Maire

  • “Does this count Paula? Our wedding video, when my wife recorded over it, married in 1978. 3 years ago after my mother died, we found a copy we never knew she had. So lovely to watch it back again!” - D in Athlone

  • “My friend lost her passport while we were in New York 5 years ago.... some guy text her ex saying he found it 2 years ago. Found her through Facebook!”

  • “Good Morning Paula. Back in 99 the team I was working with presented me with an engraved Cross pen, which travelled the world with me ever since. Then about 10 years ago I lost it, which was upsetting since it had been from my first project abroad etc. 18 months later I found it in the seal of the door of the washing machine, in 3 pieces.It still worked, though the lid kept falling off. I brought it to a pen shop looking for a replacement part and they told me that they are guaranteed for life and had it repaired for free. Still travels with me!” - Vince

  • “I lost my wedding ring for a week but didn’t tell my husband. I didn’t want to hear any lecturing. As I went to fold some laundry, I found it at the top of the pile. I had washed and dried it!”

  • “I lost my gold watch and for 4 months it drove me nuts. My husband bought me the exact same watch for xmas and before I even had a chance to get it sized I found the other watch. It was in the baking press (obviously slipped off when I reached for something) also rarely bake so took a while to find it!”
  • “Hi Paula. Does this count.  My wife then girlfriend left me in 2009, she went to Australia. Came back in 2010. We're now married 7years with a lovely son!” - Norman the trucker 
  • “Hi Paula. I left a wallet behind on an internal flight in the US while on hols there. I contacted the lost and found but they said they didn't have it. A full year later it turned up in my post box! An Irish lady working for the airline in Chicago had it on her desk all that time and posted it back when she came home on holidays the next year!! Weird!”

  • “Morning Paula.  I don't know if this counts but years ago my dad went to visit his brother an Wexford (we lived in Bray) He took me and my best friend Lady,  my Jack Russell with him.  Once we got to my uncle’s house, Lady bolted and after 4 hours searching we finally gave up.  I was heartbroken as a 13 year old and I sobbed the whole way home.  Anyway, about a year later I walked out my front door and nearly died when who did I see sitting there on the step, but Lady.  She was exhausted and huge, but I remember grabbing her and sobbing for about an hour before my parents finally got me to let her go and took her to a vet. Turns out she was heavily pregnant and gave birth to 3 pups 2 days later.  She lived for another 5 or 6 years!” - Mick in Wicklow

  • “My mam lost a diamond from her ring at my sister's wedding. She realized it was missing the next morning and went back to the venue of the reception to look for it. They were cleaning but let her in. She found it on the dance floor!”

  • “Paula when we were young in the early 80s, I hid my sisters purse with her tooth fairy money in it because she was waving it under my nose all day. Buried it in the garden.... and forgot where I buried it. Got in so much trouble. 5 years ago, my dad decided to get an extension and guess what tuned up? A pursew with one pound fifty in there!”

  • “My dad lost his wedding ring again in the garden while gardening we searched for weeks and week couldn't find it. 35 years later getting a tree pruned we found it on the top! The young tree he planted picked it up from soil and as it grew it got higher and higher!”

  • “Paula a few years ago my dad was gardening and he found a perfectly intact fun-sized packet of skittles with an expiry date in 1993. We think it must have been from a treasure hunt for one of our birthday parties. Knowing the amount of E numbers in skittles they were probably still edible!”