The Andy Dufresne of 2018

Every Irish household has a sweet press. A Mecca of sugary goodness, kept under the watchful eye of Mum and Dad. It's exact contents are carefully monitored and should anything "go missing," there's a high price to pay. Kids all over the country have been plotting ways in which they can get their daily fix of sugar without getting caught, and one kid in the US has cracked it.

Peter Hartlaub was at a family reunion with his 10 year old son when this all unfolded. Peter stated that due to his son's affinity for stealing packets of sugar from restaurants, they've began frisking him before he's allowed into the car. 

However, his 10 year old son got the better of him and came up with the most genius way of smuggling sugar out of restaurants.

We applaud you young man. Red and Andy Dufresne would be proud.