"Maybe I'm not a good boy?"

There is nothing on this planet purer than a dog. They have hearts of gold and the only thing they ask is to be loved. But, like us humans, dogs can slip up too. 

Kylo and Vader The Retrievers is possibly the most amazing Instagram account we've ever come across. I mean the dogs are named after Lords of the Sith for a start. The Instagram accounts tells the tale of two retrievers who are the most gentle beings on the planet. 

But our canine loving hearts broke when a video was posted of Kylo punishing himself for being a bad boy. He rather boldly wrecks the gaff with a roll of toilet paper and rather than try and blame it on Vader, he send HIMSELF to the bold corner:

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I wonder who took the toilet roll...🧐

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Is that not the purest thing you've ever heard?