We're shook beyond belief.

We've all been called by the wrong name at one stage or another. It's usually all of your siblings' names, followed by the dog's name and then eventually your own name. It can be frustrating.

However, one woman in the US takes the biscuit for the weirdest wrong name scenario. Enter Summer Heacock. She was adopted as a baby, and her adoptive parents decided to call her Summer. All normal so far, but stick with us.

According to Summer, people have been randomly calling her Heather her whole life. Doctors, friends and even her own husband have mistakenly called her by that name. We know what you're thinking, given that her surname is Heacock, it's an easy mistake. But Heacock is her married name, and this has been happening since she was a young girl.

It gets weirder. It turns out Heather was given a name before she was adopted, but her original birth cert was kept in a sealed file that even she couldn't see, so she never knew what it was - until about two weeks ago.

She got a random message on Facebook asking if she had been adopted in 1981 and was reunited with her biological family. After spending some time with them, she asked them if they remembered the name she was given when she was born. They did. And yeah, you guessed it....HEATHER.

You can read the full thing in detail here:

We're still trying to get our heads around it.