It's just plain unfortunate.

One woman in the UK has had an absolute mare over the weekend. Vikki Rutter was preparing for a 21st, when she decided to do something a little different. Rather than just wrapping the £125 ruby ring she bought for her cousin, she instead opted to place it inside a giant helium filled balloon. 

Vikki then turned her back for "no more than 30 seconds," and when she got back the balloon had vanished. Not vanished as in floated to the ceiling vanished. Vanished as in floated out the back door, through and alley way and soared into the sky. 

The balloon was reportedly seen floating above a nearby town some time later but Vikki has had no further luck in tracking it down. Despite her efforts of gathering a search party to search in nearby fields the ring has still not been found. 

For now Vikki has decided to replace the ring with a new one, but she's hopeful the old one will reappear.