We were feeling nostalgic (and hungry) on the show today, so Fergal asked you to tell us about the old treats you used to be mad into, that are no longer available.

Ferg has never got over HB getting rid of 'Fat Frogs'.It was a sad, but beautiful show.

Here's what you sent in:

1. Dan Bars

"Dan bars...the days of childhood, oh bring me back!!"

2. Mars Delights

3. Solero Shots

"They were so refreshing and the ad was weirdly raunchy"

4. Snowflakes

"Snowflakes Ferg, where are my snowflakes gone...... nicest bar ever....."

5. Banshee Bones

"I might be wrong here but im pretty sure you can't get Banshee Bones anymore? They were amazing...the salt and vinegar in them would nearly burn your tongue, but worth it!"

6. Fuse Bars

"Remember FUSE bars? raisins, fudge and nuts....on BABY"

7. Sam Spudz

"Sam spudz smokey bacon crisps! im drooling just thinking about them"


8. Dream Bars

"Dream bars lads!!! best white chocolate ive had to date...why would they get rid of something so delicious?!?"

9. Club Shandy 

"Fergal, would break me pledge for a can of “Club Shandy”. Sweating like a demon cutting hedges."

10. Toffos

"Chewy, delicious and creamy and so many flavours why are these gone from my life?!"