Britain’s Got Talent is back and I can’t be the only one watching the magic acts and hoping just a little bit that they go wrong. Not fatally wrong or anything... just a bit wrong.

Well, that’s how I felt until opened the Irish Mirror today and read about all the magic tricks that have gone wrong in history... some resulting in death. Gulp. David Blaine almost died 2 years ago when a bullet-catching trick went wrong, and almost shot himself in the face.

Whereas there aren’t a lot of magicians up and listening to the Early Breakfast (well, not this morning anyway) there are plenty of pranksters. Some good, some bad, some evil... some genius:



  • “Good morning Paula, I worked with a big construction company and was able to take the boss’ voice off to a tee. I rang the foreman from a private number one Friday of a Bank Holiday and told him to work the half day as you all worked so hard that week. Needless to say the boss went mad and to this still doesn't know who did it!”


  • “Mooned my flatmate and his date. Fell through the window and got 20 stitches in my leg. Alcohol was involved.”


  • “Paula a friend of mine left her Facebook open at work and one of the lads in the office thought it would be funny to upload a pic of an ultrasound. She got loads and loads of congratulations before logging on and realising what he’d done. Turns out she was actually pregnant and really upset he had done that, a few weeks too early, before she wanted people to know.”


  • “Was bowling with a big group of friends 15 or so years ago and as I start to swing the ball my pal thinks it'll be funny to trip me up but instead got smashed in the face by the ba Broken nose, broken cheekbone!”


  • “Paula I texted this guy from my mate’s phone as a joke one night – she really fancied him but never had the courage to ask him out. I got the conversation started and she almost killed me when she found out. She stopped speaking to me for 2 weeks.... til she called around telling me they’d been out 3 times. They’re now engaged! Sometimes pranks/meddling goes right!” - Dee


  • Friend thought it would be funny to wake me up by slapping me. Turns out my natural reaction to being woken up by sudden pain is to take a swing at the source. Got him right in the jaw, which I broke.”


  • “Paula, a guy I worked with was telling us his next door neighbour had given them Sirloin steaks, and he was really looking forward to his dinner! I got his phone and wrote the following message DONT KEEP ME ANY DINNER COS I HAD A HUGE LUNCH, I'LL JUST GET A SNACK LATER and sent it to his wife. I got a message at about 7pm calling me all sorts of rude names! I still get a giggle out of it today when I think about it!” - Jim


  • “Paula when my boss was retiring, I went to all the nursing and retirement homes in our area and got their stationery, and then wrote him letters of welcome or rejection from all of these geriatric places, as though he had applied to live there. It took months, I sent dozens, it drove him crazy and best of all he never found out who was behind it all til his big party. He was the best boss ever and it was worth the effort!”