Do You Keep Your Condiments in the Fridge or the Press?

How things are stored in the world...

Muireann’s mammy, the great Marie, is a master at making marmalade.  Put it this way, if Paddington had his cheeky way he would run away with her!  He’s some scamp that fella.  Anyway, recently one of Muireann’s pals wasn’t impressed by the fact that she kept her mother’s marmalade in the press as opposed to the fridge.  The move was deemed sacrilege by this fridge loving friend whereas other pals wanted to fly the flag for keeping it in the press.  As you can imagine this was a dilemma that needed sorting pronto. 

In today’s ‘Up the Pole’ we asked you:

Do you keep your condiments like jam, marmalade or ketchup in the fridge or the press?

(On a side-note: Muireann will live by the results of this pole.  She’s always been partial to cracking out the ketchup at room temperature but may have to deviate from these manoeuvres if the public considers it an abomination)

Brace yourself, here are the results:


PRESS: 47%

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