If you're squeamish just stop reading now.

Every now and the you read something that makes you squirm with discomfort. Well that happened to us today when we got an email from Mary:

Hi Muireann,

When I was backpacking around Australia in 2005/2006 I worked on a banana
farm for a couple of weeks. On my very first day there one of the regular
workers stepped down from his tractor onto a 10ft python snake which bite
him on his calf, he just got his machete, cut the snakes body off, threw it over
his shoulder, climbed back up onto his tractor with the snake still attached to
his calf and drove back to get medical attention.

That takes serious cojones. But it turns out there are some pretty tough people in Ireland too. You sent us in your toughest moments and we are gobsmacked by your perseverance.

Suffice to say, the toughest thing we've ever had to do was read those stories.