Blobfest. Need we say more?

It was reported in the papers today that a tattoo convention due to take place in Belfast over the weekend had to be cancelled due to dust in the venue which would be considered a health and safety hazard.

Speaking of conventions, there seems to be something for everyone. Whatever you’re into, there’s probably a convention for that.

Here are some of the weirdest conventions you can attend around the world (although most are in the weird and wonderful United States of America.)


World Toilet Summit and Expo

Although I giggled at this, it’s actually for a great cause. If you laughed too, prepare to feel bad; this convention aims to deliver clean water and sanitation to the 2 and a half billion people around the world who still need it.


Celebrity Impersonators Convention

It does exactly what it says on the tin; Liza Minellis galore, Michael Jacksons a-plenty and because it’s held in Vegas, there will be 1 or 2 Elvises hanging around too. We should send Mario over! He’d be the first ever Marty Morrissey impersonator at this convention, almost guaranteed. Almost.


Xena Warrior Princess Convention

Although this TV show hasn’t been on in years, fans still meet up at the convention in LA celebrating feminism since 1996.


International UFO Congress Convention

Held in Nevada every year, this is a week-long convention with plenty to talk about.Topics generally covered are abduction, UFO sightings, UFO crashes, crop circles, paranormal experiences, government conspiracy and much more.


International Cake Con

Over 4000 sugar artists (this is a thing!) compete for the titles of Master Sugar Artist. Con attendees can also busy themselves resuscitating botched cakes at an on-site Cake Hospital!


Brick Con

This is on this Saturday, 26th May, in Limerick! Fans of lego will flock to Brick Con, and nobody knows who’s more excited – parents or children.


Bronie Con

This is a convention for My Little Pony fans and over 10K of them gather to celebrate friendship every year!



This is for mermaids, mermen... or merfolk if you want to be PC. Merfolk from all over the world gather in North Carolina to flap about in an Olympic sized swimming pool. If mermaids aren’t your thing, Pirates are also welcome.


Blob Con

Remember the 1958 film The Blob? Ah you do! So bad it’s good! Well, you can relive the experience in Pennsylvania where the film was shot. They even have the “running out of the cinema in fear” experience!