Lots of false teeth stories below!

Does your family have any traditions that seem weird to other people when you tell them?

When I was younger, we went to France every year on our holidays and our grandad (Pop) came too. Every morning, myself and my sister would take turns (and fight over) who got to... put his teeth in. This never seemed weird to me until other people found out and were completely horrifies and aghast. 

Have a read below... and plenty more dentures stories too!


  • “I don’t know if it’s weird, but in my family, we go to the graveyard on Christmas morning and pour our grandparents a drink?”


  • “We ring each other after boarding a plane and say, "I REGRET NOTHING!" before hanging up. My wife is horrified by this.”


  • “6 kids in our house, the youngest 36! However every Ash Wednesday my mum corners us all to take a lump out of our hair. Religious or good luck we are still not quite sure but ya got to love her!” -  Phil


  • “We balls up our lives and move back in with mam and dad. There's 5 of us so we take turns!”


  • “My mother has always put a cow tea cosy on top of the Christmas tree instead of an angel or a star!”


  • “You can open one present on Christmas Eve, but it’s chosen by your siblings. If you hated someone that day, you’d pick the smallest just to annoy them!”


  • “Before we eat our Christmas dinner, everyone opens a parcel on their plate. In this parcel will be things like giant sunglasses, a silly hat etc. You put on whatever's in your parcel and then it stays on for the rest of Christmas Day!”


  • "I get a beer shoved into my hand as soon as I wake up on my birthday. YES!"


  • “When I was young we used to get a shovel full of silage to leave it out for the reindeer at Christmas, a tradition carried onto my own kids every Christmas Eve!” - Jo in Wexford


  • “Morning Paula. Wouldn't call it a tradition, but on the dentures front.....my Nanny used to slip her dentures half-way out and pretend to bite us with them. I've never told anyone that and typing it out, it sounds manky but we got hours of entertainment out if it!” - Grainne Clarges


  • “Hi Paula you just brought back memories of my lovely granddad, we would always ask him to stick his teeth out and we would think it was the most hilarious thing ever... Granda stick your teeth out!!” - Pam XXX


  • “We didn’t normally have much fizzy drinks in the house when we were younger so when I saw a fizzy glass of 7up left beside the sink with no one watching, I ran and took a big mouthful. It was my granny’s cleaning formula for her teeth. Rancid horrid experience!” - Wellies in Tipp