Was it the smell of egg sandwiches and tears?

It's that time of the year again when children around Ireland pile onto mini-buses and coaches armed with pre-packed lunches and dreams. 


That's right...it's school tour time. 

This morning on Dermot and Dave, we asked you...what are your favourite school tour memories?

Let's just say there was the good, the bad and the upsetting. 

Sean from mayo here, when I was in secondary school we were promised a school trip to Amsterdam. It was cancelled for some reason . Instead we got on a bus and travelled around the town visiting various sites we all knew well. Some of the stops were our local bakery and our local mart. Some craic

We went on a school tour to Arklow Garda station brought in to look around the cells and told don't be bad or you'll end up here.  The only thing I took from it is they had a full size snooker table in the office at the back'

Lads for our 6th class tour we were told we were going to the old Lansdowne road to play a game of football and meet some players, in the end we only got to sit in one of the stands and look at the pitch while some caretaker actually asked us whose autograph we wanted and he actually just sat there and wrote down the name of the player we wanted....  

I remember my worst school tour was to a recycling centre - the town had recently got this new "exciting" recycling centre and being from a country school our culchie teacher thought this would be an excellent school trip for a bunch of 7 year olds

'Hi D and D. All my school trips were a disaster as i would vomit as soon as the bus was 40mins into the tour and my mum always gave me boiled egg sandwishes which sank in my bag. So the bus smelt of vomit and farts. MARK D24'

'I remember going to a water treatment plant in Kilmeaden. Co Waterford on school tour one year. Def one of the most "forgettable" tours!! Emer'

'Once in junior/senior infants our whole class went to a classmates' house. His mam gave us all Miwadi and Mr Freezes'

We went on a school tour in 2nd year to I think the Mitchelstown caves. We got thrown out for letting off bangers in the caves and tying them to the back of other school tour buses. No one was taken on school tours in our school again until we were finished. A couple of years later they were bloody going skiing!!! Would of had some craic there letting bangers off. Edd

In the late 80's we went on a school tour to the LEAF factory in Kilcock Co Kildare. They made chewing gum and Mr Freezes. We all felt like we were at Willy Wonka's. I remember seeing a row of cement mixers each filled with balls of gum getting coated by the colours. Each mixer was a different colour/flavour making rain-blo bubble gum. And the Mr Freezes were being filled hot. We were amazed!  Every child got a big bag of gum as we left. We had a competition to see who could blow the biggest bubble. By the time we got home there was gum in our hair and all over our faces and stuck all over the bus. The poor bus driver/teachers! I now work as a tour guide in Tayto park. It's the most fun job in the world but I have so much sympathy for the bus drivers and teachers!!! Jess

My school tour in 6th class was a flight to Shannon on a 747. Most excited I’ve ever been IN MY LIFE! Joanna

Guys I was on a school tour in Rome a few years and my class forgot about me in a shop and still didn't know they had left me behind when i caught up with them. Now everywhere we go they make sure I'm with them. Clodagh in Cork