Shut the f...ront door!

Now that Room To Improve is back (praise be!) we are all looking around our houses thinking they could do with a makeover... an extension here, and extra en-suite there. But did you know that the colour you paint your front door is really important?

Apparently the colour you paint your front door says a lot about who you are. A black front door indicates strength and control whereas a grey front door would suggest your decor is very trendy and minimalist... and you could be a bit indecisive. A white front door says that you are not someone who wants attention, and your home is probably very organised.

Homeowners who keep their doors a traditional wooden finish are generous and down to earth. They are kind and sweet and all who enter will feel welcomed.


“Paula our door is there since we bought the house new. We painted it and made it worse and for 5 years my wife has been bugging me to get a new one so this September, I have to pay €2000 for a door. I’m going to door showrooms for my holidays... what does that say about my personality? I’m whipped or like I like peaceful life?!” – Cormac

Depends on the colour you pick, Cormac... have a read below for colours and what they say about you!


“Paula I painted our front door pink when husband was away 3 years ago... I LOVE it! We live in a little cottage and it really suits it. He’s still not used to it, tough! “

A pink door means you are probably someone who is very passionate and creative and you don’t really care what others think of you... even your husband!


“Paula our front door is pale green, matches the window sills” - John


A green door means you are ambitious and a real family person. You probably have traditional values, such as taking your shoes off when you come in (YAAAS!) and having dinner at the table as a family as often as you can!


“Paula we love our red door - my hubby picked the colour! I originally wanted purple but I love the red!! Now when I see purple doors they are never the right shade so I’m glad we went red!! It also is very helpful for parcel delivery vans or visitors to distinguish our house from all the others on the road!” - Pamela near Navan! Xx

Pamela, a red door means you love to entertain and be centre of attention! You are a great host, very hospitable and passionate. As a side-note; did you know that In Scotland, if you have a red front door it symbolises you’ve paid off your mortgage!


“Paula ours is light blue because that’s what she wanted so that’s what we got!”

Blue means you’re probably a calm and relaxed person and you are grounded and true to yourself... and what she wants. Mostly the latter.


“Ours is yellow Paula,... I’m afraid to ask what that says about me!”

Yellow means that you’re a flamboyant and outgoing person. You’re a morning person who probably gets up to watch the sun rise. You’re the first to a party and are widely regarded as a cheerful, upbeat person who tells great stories!


Paula I'm building a new house with windows and doors coming next week, golden oak colour! You have me worried now they will look orange and dated... thanks!!