This is genius.

Getting engaged can often be a massive surprise. One minute you're enjoying a nice meal, the next you're future spouse is down on one knee. And while we love a surprise every now and then, sometimes we're just not ready for it.

Let's be honest, most people rush to get their perfect engagement picture to share with friends and family. But what happens when you're not prepared for said photo?

José and Diana, a couple from Melbourne, who got engaged over the weekend posted the best engagement photo ever. 

The engagement was a huge surprise for Diana who thought she was going to José's parents' wedding anniversary celebrations. But low and behold, José got down on one knee and popped the question - which she happily said yes to.

There was however one issue - she didn't have her nails done. 

But fear not! Diana's cousin Jenna swooped in to save the day. On the surface, it looks like your standard engagement pic, but when the photo is zoomed out the hilarious truth is revealed. 

Jenna wore the ring on her perfectly manicured nails to allow them to get an Instagram-worthy picture.

She later tweeted about it and it has been liked nearly 1 million times:

She explained that Diana is a nurse and is not allowed to have her nails painted. 

Let this be a lesson to all - never skip manicure day.