What do you mean you don't like hearing about my ex?

This morning on the show, I received this text from a listener:


Paula, I’m the guy who went on the date I told you about on Friday (5 Word Weekend) She was really nice but she smoked! I can’t go out with a smoker, I really hate it.


It made me wonder; What was the thing a date did to guarantee there would be no second date?

One listener reckons that “Being on a date is a lot like being part of an improv scene. No matter how much you have planned, you have to work with everything around you. Show enthusiasm, be energetic and confident. The more adventurous you seem and the more you interact with your surroundings/date, the better things turn out.”

Not always the case, unfortunately.

Big reaction to this!


  • “Same here Paula – went on a date with a lovely guy a few months ago but I couldn’t get past the fact that he smoked. I just find it so disgusting.”


  • “I hate it when a date smokes or is checking the phone. No second date!”


  • “She never responded to any of my messages after our first date. Definitely not getting a second date after that!


  • “Was on a third or fourth date with a girl years ago and decided to go to the cinema. She didn't shut up from start to finish, talking so loud it was hard for the people behind us to hear the movie at times.... couldn't take that human foghorn anywhere after that.” - Colin


  • “Hey Paula, I once met a girl in my own local. It was her suggestion so I went along with it. Was going well until she decided she wanted to play pool. One of the old regulars at the counter made a non offensive comment in jest and my date stuck the pool cue under his throat. She then went bananas with the owner when he pulled her up on it. I was mortified and couldn’t wait to leave. She couldn’t figure out what my problem was when I told her I didn’t want to meet again. Remaining anonymous for obvious reasons!”


  • “Morning Paula,  I've had some disaster dates, from just plain old bad manners to outright crazy... The maddest one was a guy I'd been on a few dates with and it seemed to be going great, so one weekend he offered for me to stay over. Sometime during the night I went to the bathroom and when I came back he was trying on my delicates and asking for just weird requests, I told him there was a family emergency and had to leave, never spoke to him again!”


  • “Hey Paula Barry from Dundalk here! I was out on a tinder first date and I knew the girl to see from Dundalk. She arrives to the date acting out a silly northern accent for 3 hours! Was so annoying listening to this girl fake an accent. It was our first and last date!”


  • “Morning Paula. Went for a drink in limerick one night first date. She went to toilet came back fooling with what I thought was her phone, took out the SIM card, threw it away, laughed and said look at what some stupid b***h left in the toilet. Phone went into bag. I walked when she wouldn't hand it up at the bar.”


  • “Hey Paula! A few years ago I met this girl and we had a couple dates. As I lived in the city centre, she stayed at mine one weekend. The following day she asked me to come to hers and it was one of the hottest summers on record. When we finally arrived to her place I needed to use the bathroom. She had three cats and the kitty litter was full of three cats leftovers fermenting for two or more days in a tiny bathroom with no window, I had to cover my mouth and nose and walk passed her and outside to get some air. She didn't know what all the fuss was about, needless to say I never saw her again!”


  • “Wasn't me but a friend: She went on a date with someone she met on Tinder and there was 0 chemistry. After the awkward date, he gets up to leave, snaps his fingers at her and points to her with finger-guns and goes, thanks for swiping right and leaves!”


  • “Paula - worst date, she was drunk when she landed, had to vomit half way through dinner!”


  • “Paula, worst first date.... a triple bill of Bruce Lee movies at the cinema. First and last date in one night!” - Lorraine from Dundalk


  • Sweet P. I went on my last date EVER EVER EVER and I'm only in me early fifties. Beautiful, beautiful lady, went all out, dinner booked and a show afterwards. We sat down to eat and it was as if the Silverware caused a reaction. She started on about her last boyfriend bla bla bla and what SHE did for revenge to HIM when SHE did the dirt on HIM. It had finished TWO years ago and she was still haunting him two weeks into December. I just stood up, said ahhh yer grand love, paid the bill n walked!”