99s, strawberries, farmer's tans...

Listener Mike sent in a photo this morning that epitomises an Irish summer – the strawberry shop on the side of the road!

Yum! How else do we Irish know it’s summer? Read on...


  • Is that a lobster I see before me? Nope, it’s just one of many Irish people with a burnt face and a farmer’s tan.


  • Beer gardens start to fill up. Is that the sun? Quick! Get thee to a sunny bench pronto!


  • The smell of BBQs in the evenings, even on weekdays!


  • Paula, you know it's summer in Ireland because the rain is warmer.


  • Summers here - it's holy communion time!


  • Bright mornings and evenings = summer is here!


  • The boys have the shirts off! As soon as it hits about 15 degrees, the boyos develop a McGregor strut, and remove their shirts, whether you want them to or not.


  • There is no better sound of the twinkling music coming from the ice-cream van when the sun is out


  • The electric shower gets turned down to 1 or 2!


  • When the GAA championship starts! Pumped up players, wild eyed managers, baying crowds, blood soaked bandaged heads, Vaseline on the eyebrows. Bring it on!


  • The women of Ireland proudly show off the tan they’ve been working on all winter... cough. No streaks to see around here!