Hold Me In Your Arms...Don't Let Me Gooooo

Can you believe it? Home and Away is today celebrating its 30th anniversary.

On the 17th of January 1988, Australians were first introduced to the residents of Summer Bay and while it wouldn't come to Ireland for another year, we've spent the last 29 years intently following scandal, tragedy and the surf.

So pop this on full blast and let's walk down memory lane...

There have been so many stand-out moments and story lines over the past three decades, but here are some of your favourites:

In one of the early episodes, Alf finds out his young daughter, Roo, is pregnant with Frank's baby. He's not too happy about it...

Who could forget the heartbreaking scene where Meg died?

Think that's sad? Get ready to relive the moment Bobby died

And, of course, who could forget the Brax brothers?

The late, great, Heath Ledger also starred in 10 episodes

And, while it wasn't actually in the show, our favourite Home & Away related moment has got to be back in 1989, when our own Ian Dempsey chatted to Greg Benson (AKA Matt Wilson) on Dempsey's Den