We've all been there...

"I can't believe you haven't tried that yet?!?!?!"

We've all head this in our life before about a food that for whatever reason, you just never got around to trying. Fergal had this experience yesterday when he tried risotto for the first time - in his 30s!

We asked you on the show about the foods that took you a while to try/get around to liking. Some, we can't get over....like bleedin strawberries?!

Here are your 'food firsts':

Kelly Anne - Ferg I tried Oysters for the first time only this year and I'm 33! I have to say like you Ferg, I was just whelmed!

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Brian - Coconut water for me. Hated first few times now drink it loads.

Aoife - I had strawberries for the first time in my 20s! Never looked back!

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Carmel - Never forget the first time eating peas my mind was blown they were so tasty. Asked mum why she hadn't told me they were so nice before? She said I've only been putting them on your plate for the last 10 years!!

Kevin -  I had never tried fish in years because I convinced myself that I hated it....tried fish and chips last week for the first time. it's HEAVEN. what was I thinking??

Sarah - Ferg wait for it, I never tried hot chocolate until last week. Thought I wouldn't like it. What a food I've been!

OMG is all we have to say to that one Sarah...

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