We've all been there, its Christmas or someones birthday and you haven't got the time to buy them a pressie.

You rummage around the house for something and then 'Perfect!' there's a lovely necklace you can give to Grainne so you're not arriving to her party empty handed.

Most of the time this crafty strategy works and everyone's happy. But as the festive season is about to reach its peak, some slip-ups are inevitable...

Your awkward re-gifting nightmares are here, and my oh my are there some doozies!

Accidentally using the gift you wish to gift...

"Got a diary from my parents in law, they lived in Portugal at the time and made a big deal of the diary being in Portuguese and I could learn days/months etc... I knew it had been a freebie, it just had the look of something they got from a bank... flicking through it I spotted a couple of pages had been written on, mini budgets, shopping lists etc, I never mentioned it but I’ve kept it and will forever! 😂" 

"Didn't get anything because it was 2 yrs old so it was €2 to reactivate the card"

"We got a €200 cheque for our wedding back in 2003 and it bounced"

"My auntie gave me a credit note of like €17 for an accessory shop for my 21st"

Davie in Kildare had a forgetful auntie..

"My auntie got me a pink fluffy pencil case and a stick of rock when I was 14, I think she forgot i was a lad."

Gary in Kilkenny really felt appreciated..

"You know those free calendars that you get from the bank or when you donate money to a charity or something? I got one of those as a Christmas gift. Gee, thanks"

Niamh has a story about being betrayed by chocolate..

"Upon meeting my best friend's mother for the first time, her then boyfriend now husband gave her a box of chocolates he had received upon checking into a posh hotel. When the Mammy opened them they were individual chocolates which spelled out 'Welcome and his name'!" 

If there was ever a reason to breakup..

"My EX, once bought me a blood pressure machine for Christmas.. I was a healthy 27 year old at the time. Needless to say we weren't together the following Christmas.."

At least re-gift unbroken gifts, poor Marion!

"My friend gave me a new bridge bracelet with half the stones missing. They wouldn't take it in a charity shop. I was not impressed."

But the winner is...