Brought to you with thanks to Bord na Mona

This year, Bord na Mona wants to help to build a more sustainable future by supporting families around Ireland who are Naturally Driven to change and willing to take on a challenge this summer – and Today FM team is one of those lucky families!

2018 is set to be a big year for positive change and positive change doesn’t always mean big change.

Families and communities coming together to make small improvements in the home can add up to making a big difference.

Bord na Mona’s team of experts will be helping families around Ireland this summer to take on challenges that will bring about a positive and lasting change both in their home and their wider community.

Here are some ways in which you can make a difference:

  • End plastic pollution by committing to reduce the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis, e.g. buying loose fruit, veg and salad ingredients, bring a cotton bag while shopping.
  • You can start with mint, chives and parsley can be grown in pots and microgreens (including rocket, celery, beetroot can be grown on your window sill.
  • You can grow food with the kids that you regularly eat like onions, carrots and tomatoes, as the packaging used for these in shops is not always recyclable, so not only are you saving the planet, you’re also being healthy!

Nothing is more sustainable than growing your own this Summer!