This is all a bit mortifying lads.

Enda Kenny was giving a speech this week when it all went downhill pretty quickly.

The Taoiseach was in Cork delivering a speech on the implication of Brexit on Ireland.

Confusion arose when a man posing as an sign language interpreter began to sign some pretty graphic hand gestures in front of the crowd.

Comedian Ross Browne stood up in the middle of the Taoiseach’s speech, fooling the crowd to think he was a skilled sign language interpreter.

He signed 'Enda will only give us money if we give him a sexy dance’' and shouted 'I’m not paying for my water' while being escorted out of the room by Enda’s security team.

The Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters (CISLI)  say the are disappointed in the stunt, but did admit to finding it mildly amusing.