Absolute genius.

The Affinity Photo People's Choice Award is a competition that is category in the overall  Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards.

Professional and amateur paps compete to have the most amusing content and caption, coupled with technical excellence.

The goal of the competition is to remind people of the importance of animal conservation and getting some giggles in the process.

Here's a taste of the 41 finalists:

Mary McGowan - 'Caught In The Act'

 And presenting our next screensaver:

Michael Lane - 'Should've Gone To Specsavers'
Shane Keena - 'Peek A Boo'
Barry Koszalka - 'So There' 
Muriel Vekemans - 'Happy' 
Achim Sterna - 'Order'
Roie Galitz - 'Wildlife PhotograBEAR'
Maureen Toft - 'Have a Headache'

 To check out the rest of the finalists just go to their website here