Who would have seen this coming?

Bloggers Unveiled is an Instagram account which shares daily updates of questionable practices by bloggers and influencers in Ireland.

The account has been outing the buying of fake followers to the fixing of competitions for friends and family and to really obvious photoshop fails. 

They also show influencers selling rebranded imported Chinese products at grossly inflated prices and Snapchatting while driving has also been highlighted.

Particular light has been shed on accounts who have received payment from the RSA to highlight how dangerous it is to drive with your seatbelt fastened incorrectly, or not at all.

Now, in another twist of events, the Bloggers Unveiled account has emerged one of the biggest influencers in town.

The IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards 2018 were on last night and it looks like whoever runs Bloggers Unveiled was at the ceremony... or were they?

They could have been screen grabbing from others who were there and pretending it was them but if they were, bloggers beware – it’s one of your own!

Whoever this person is behind the most talked about Instagram account in Ireland, they have better detective skills than Sherlock Holmes.

While in other showbiz news from around the world:

Has Gwyneth Paltrow consciously coupled? Rumours are swirling that she has married Brad Falchuk!

She drummed up some the biggest names in Hollywood for what may have been practice for her forthcoming nuptials... or was it the real thing?

Tons of A-list actors and actresses poured out of the Los Angeles Theatre in Downtown L.A. Saturday night - Reese WitherspoonSteven SpielbergJulia RobertsJennifer AnistonDemi MooreCameron Diaz. Would they all have just turned up for a rehearsal? Or was it the real deal?

Is Gwynnie having a massive wedding? Has she done it in secret (again?)

And Lily Allen has upset the APPLE CART, hawhaw! Nicole Appleton (geddit?) and it’s all on Twitter. Lily has a tell-all book due to be released later on this year, and over the weekend, it’s emerged that she has spilled a secret from 2009 whereby she and Liam Gallagher had.... a good time, shall we say, on a plane to Japan.

This is when he was still married to Nicole. Nicole then tweeted Lily, in quite a sinister way, that their paths will cross some day.

However, the icing on the cake was someone who replied with “now you know how Paddy McGuinness’ wife feels, eh Nicole?" Bravo.